6 Reasons Why Women should wear Push Up bras

By | October 9, 2013

Push up bras a beautiful under garments, and should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe. They are very comfortable, stylish, sexy, and glamorous. They are made of different fabrics, and come in various styles and colors.

There are the Lace Push up Bra, the Strapless, Junior, the Push up Sports Bra, Underwire, and Silicone Pad Push up Bra.

There are a number or reasons why Women with Small Breasts should wear Push Up bras.

1. These bras are very comfortable and gentle on the woman’s breast

Push up bra

lace Push up bra

2. A push up bra will help a woman with small breast fit and look more elegant in her outfit

3. The bra gives the woman extra cleavage, and breast size without the expense of breast implant

4. It will certainly boost herself image and confident

5. It is easy to find the right cup size if you have small breasts

6. The perfect pushup bra will make your boobs look fuller and firmer

As you look forward to enjoying your pushup bras, it is important that you wear the right cup size. If you are unsure of your bra size, go for a bra fitting session at any lingerie store in your area.

Signs of a Properly Fitting Pushup Bra                                  

a) The chest band should be horizontal, when viewed sideways. It should also be taut, without riding up the back



b) The breast contours should flow smoothly, and fit into the bra cup, without falling underneath or bulging at the top

c) Underwire (in underwire push up bras) should not poke into the skin. Rather, they should lie flat on the chest

d) The under band/wings (not the shoulder straps), should provide the support required by the breasts. With the correct under band and wings, you should be able to select the perfect-fitting strapless push up bra

The pushup bra is heaven for women with small breasts. You should never have to be embarrassed about your cup size again.