PUSH UP BRA the Different Types

By | October 16, 2013

Push up bra is a bra that increases beauty and sex appeal. It achieves this by enhancing the cleavage and creating a lift on the breasts hence the name. It is fashionable and makes the wearer look and feel more attractive. Push up bras come in different types to suit occasions, body types and fashion trends.

Choosing A PUSH UP BRA

When choosing a Push up bra, it is very important to have your measurements. Well fitting push up bras give the required effect in enhancing cleavage and beauty. Well fitting bras also lead to comfort and offer good support.


1. Lace push up bras

These are made of a lace fabric. Lace is a light fabric with holes. The lace push up bra is light and comfortable for all sizes of breasts and also brings the desired lift. It can also function as lingerie when in different colors given that it is light.

2. Strapless push up bra

This is a push up bra without straps. It is appropriately worn with a strapless dresses or

Strapless bra

black Strapless Push up Bra

vests. The concept of strapless bras is made possible by the bra design that ensures it covers most of the breast with cups containing more padding and a longer underwire that gives support.

3. Juniors push up bra

Juniors pushes up bras are mostly worn by young girls who are developing breasts. They come in different sizes and colors targeted to the young girl.

4. Push up Sports bra

Sports bras are made to be worn when exercising. They offer support and protection to breasts and chest area when exercising. Push up sports bras come in very handy since they hold you tightly and correctly and make you feel and look good when exercising. When wearing a sports bra it is advised that you get one that will raise the breasts away from the chest and keep them firm.

5. Underwire push up bra

Underwire is a wire inserted in the bra on each breast cup. Its main purpose is to support, lift and give shape to breasts. Pushes up bras with underwire provide full coverage, support and lift. The underwire in the push up bra creates the lift and the separation of breasts leading to a full cleavage appearance.

6. Silicone pad push up bra

These are push up bras that are padded with silicone inserts. These enable the breasts to look much fuller and larger, therefore creating a lift.

7. Push up Bra panty set

A push up bra and panty set is where a bra comes with a matching a panty. They are bought together as a set. They are of good quality and they improve the wearers confidence knowing that they look smart underneath.