Bra Fitting Guide

Generally it’s obvious that the bra you’re wearing doesn’t feel right. But there are sometimes less obvious signs that the bra you’ve got on is doing very little to enhance your breast shape. Even if a bra feels right, it might not be giving your breasts the correct support or in any way enhancing them. Or, it may be the incorrect style bra for you altogether.

It’s Cheap Push Up Bra to the rescue with our Bra fitting Check List below. A good fitting bra may have to pass all of these checks. So, take a couple of minutes to understand what a good fitting bra is supposed to appear and feel like. Then, you will be ready to simply assess whether or not you’re wearing the incorrect size or wrong fashion bra.

1. Smoother Fitting Bra Cups

If you do not fill out your bra cups - if there is folding or gapping of your bra - then you need a smaller cup size. If your breast is over-flowing in your cups, or your bra cups are cutting into your breast tissue, then you need a bigger cup size or a different bra design with a fuller cup. The edges of the cups should lie flat on your breast. If the bra cup is pointy and the style was not meant to be so, then you need to reduce the cup size. see (A Reference Guide to Measuring and Fitting a Push Up Bra)
2. The center panel should rest flat along your breastbone.

If your bra middle panel isn't resting on your sternum, this might be an indication that your cup size is simply too small. If your bra underwire is facing outward from your body, this is a sign that your push up bra cup size is too small. Additionally, how far away your breasts are from each other will have an effect on how the center panel sits on your sternum.
3. The underwires in the bra need to enclose your breasts.

The underwires in the bra should not (the 3 Ps) prod, project outward or pinch the breast. If your wires curve away from your chest in the middle, this typically means that your bra cup size is simply too small. However, your breast size, shape and uniqueness, will certainly affect how the underwire bra fits.
4. The breasts should point forward; not to the sides.

The right designed and fitted bra, will make your breasts point forward and will not be in the way of your arms. If for any reason the arms are bumping against the side of the breast, then it is time for a different bra or size.
5. Keep the bra band parallel to the floor.

The lower part of your bra band must be anchored below the shoulder blades. The lower the bra band fits on the back, the better the support will be. Ladies with spinal arch will have problems with where the bra band will fit on their back.
6. The straps should not dig into your shoulder.

No more than ten percent of your breast support should be coming from your push up bra straps. If your bra straps are carrying more than 10%, you need a smaller bra band size. Ladies with slanting shoulders need to purchase bras with specific styles and special features, or bra accessories which help keep the bra straps up and on the shoulders.
7. Your finger should run underneath the band.

Your bra band should be tight; however, it should not be too constricted. If you are having difficulty placing your finger underneath the band, then you need to change the hook position, or get a bigger band size.
8. The bra cup fabric needs to be steady.

Your push up bra cup fabric should be comfortable and it should give good support to the breast. It should also give a well-defined breast shape. Keep in mind that we are not living at zero gravity - therefor bra cup made from stretchy material may be comfortable, however the shape and support of your breast will be compromised.
9. The right breast uplift.

The peak of the breasts should be around the center between the shoulders and the elbows. An uplifted breast appears much younger and gives a better appearance.
10. Still having difficulty fitting ?

If for any reason you are still uncomfortable with your push up bra, it is time to consult with a bra fitting expert. Or it is time for you to make some adjustment to that bra yourself (I saw my mama do it with her hands, needle and thread).