Wearing a Push Up Bra that is Rightly Measured

By | October 16, 2013

It has been surveyed that, about eighty percent of women wear bra that is incorrectly sized. Either they tend to wear a bra that is too large at the back or the cups are too small to cover the breasts correctly. There are steps to follow in order to understand what would be the right bra size of an individual. It is applicable even when one is out to purchase push up bras.

Know that cup sizes are not absolute

When you are buying a push up bra or a simple, underwire bra, the cup sizes may differ. Thus, if you know that your cup size is D, it might not be the same for every bra type or brand. Keep in mind that:

· The cup size tends to be proportional to the band size.

· If one is buying 32D, it will cover less volume than 36D even though the two cup sizes are the same

Know how a right fitting bra should fit

There are certain signs that will help you to know that a bra has fitted correctly:

the right bust measurement

· The band of the bra supports the breasts. One needs to make sure that only two fingers can be slipped into the sides of the band and no more.

· The side coverage should be adequate. There should not be any tissue spilling out from the sides of the cups.

For underwire bras, the ends should point towards the middle of the armpits. In case of push up bras, the tissues should be inside the cups.

· The part of the bra band in between the two cups should sit flat against the chest and should not dig into the skin uncomfortably.

· The curve of the bra cups should be smooth and should not cut into the breast tissue.

How to measure the cup size

A standard way of measuring the cup size is to wrap a measuring tape around the fullest part of the breasts and hold the tape firm but not too tight. The number that is obtained, the band number has to be subtracted from that. If the difference is less than one inch, the cup size is AA, if it is one inch, it would be A, two inches would be B and so forth. The band number is obtained by measuring the part that is just below the breasts. Some brands however, follow different measuring systems and the instructions should be looked at accordingly.